Logan City Council Saves Costs by Utilising Single Tesla Powerpack

On Wednesday, the local government council said that it had adapted solar power and the commercial-scale battery technology of Tesla to seek a good, safe water disinfection system in the city.
As Renew Economy reports, the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance and CSR Bradford, a solar installer, delivered the solution. The solution integrates a 95kWH Powerpack from Tesla with a 323 PV panels at the 20 Megalitre Round Mountain Reservoir. The reservoir is a source of drinking water for the residents in areas such as Spring Mountain, Woodhill, Flagstone, Yarrabilba, and North Maclean.
To date, the council claims that the off-grid system has resulted in a $1.9 million capital cost saving and $50,000 operational cost savings annually. It is also expected to provide a safe water supply to approximately 200,000 people once the region is fully developed.
Mayor Luke Smith of Logan City stated, “This is set to be one of the fastest growing areas in South-East Queensland over the next two decades, but with that growth comes the issue of building assets larger than are needed right now.”
Mayor Smith added, “The reservoir site is not connected to mains power or accessible via a sealed road, so an innovative approach was required to maintain water quality from the reservoir.”
Other local governments in Australia are also considering solar and battery storage in order to aid in powering their water supply and treatment infrastructure.
Ashleigh O’Brien, the CSR Bradford Business Manager, mentioned that the project was the first ever commercial battery and solar system in Australia powered by Tesla Powerpack. “CSR Bradford is incredibly proud to be playing its part in providing a solution which will see solar and battery technology play a greater role for commercial assets.”
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