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Finding the best people to fuel the renewable industry

Phillip Riley are fully integrated talent acquisition specialists, providing a crucial bridge between the rapidly growing renewables industry and skilled and passionate candidates.

What is Phillip Riley?

Established in 2010, Phillip Riley is the first recruitment firm focused exclusively on the Renewable Energy sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Our team utilises digital technologies and are equipped with the latest recruitment technology and data science tools to ensure they match the ideal candidate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We pride ourselves on building meaningful connections with associations in the renewables sector, ensuring we have a clear understanding of our clients’ recruitment needs so we can deliver exceptional services.

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Our Services


Executive Recruitment and Retained Search

Phillip Riley can be engaged for middle and senior level-search assignments to assist your organisations in securing an executive talent. We offer a retained service to ensure resources are allocated sufficiently and to ensure the best possible outcome will be achieved.

Staff Augmentation

We can provide access to specialist contract resources to perform services such as temporary placements, labour hire, contract and payroll; taking away the pressures and processes of HR and recruitment.


Advertise your vacancy on the Phillip Riley Job Board to gain access to the several thousand unique visitors per month who mainly visit our website to review roles in the industry. We also offer advertisement subscriptions for the promotion of other goods/services to our site.

Permanent Recruitment

Phillip Riley offers quality permanent recruitment services that are par excellence. From CV screening, behavioural interviews, and background checks, our team takes all measures to ensure the best candidates are put forward.

Campaign Recruitment

Receive trustworthy support with our modular services, talent mapping, talent attraction, tailored advertising, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing assistance.

Our Role Specialisations


Phillip Riley can assist clients and candidates working on projects relating to Site Identification Permitting, Grid Connection Applications and Power Purchase Agreements.
Phillip RIley can assist clients and candidates working on projects up to financial close of projects, covering debt, equity and advisory roles. We also work with finance, legal and procurement roles.
Phillip Riley covers all engineering disciplines and fills all engineering roles from the construction to the commissioning phase of projects.
Post commissioning, we assist customers throughout the 20+year life of assets to ensure each asset is optimised.
Phillip Riley can assist clients and candidates working on Behind-the-Meter and Commercial and Industrial scale roles.
Phillip Riley can assist clients looking for employees to perform critical business support functions.
Phillip RIley assists customers with C-Level & Board appointments.

Phillip Riley’s contract resourcing partner, 
PR Projects, specialises in Renewable Energy contracting

Phillip Riley are excited to be working in the wind energy industry assisting clients and candidates in on-shore and off-shore wind farms.
We are proud to work with the solar industry in commercial, industrial and large utility-scale solar projects. As well as photovoltaic (PV), rooftop, ground-mounted and concentrated solar-thermal projects.
We work on leading-edge Energy Storage projects such as Battery and Flow Projects.
We work closely with micro, small, and large Hydro Power, and Pumped Storage projects. We are also excited to be working with river, tidal and wave projects.
We collaborate with clients working towards utilising wind, solar and other renewable generation to power green hydrogen production facilities for downstream hydrogen applications.
We are proud to work with clients and candidates who specialise in hardware and software design installation and management for electric vehicle infrastructure and charging stations.
We work closely with Biomass, Bioenergy, Energy from waste, Waste to energy, and Combined Heat and Power projects.
We are proud to be recruiting roles throughout Australia’s electricity Transmission Distribution network.

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Phillip Riley has extensive opportunities across multiple sectors in the Renewable Energy industry. Check out our Job Board to find the next chapter of your career!

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Meet Our Team

There is no doubt that renewables are the future of the energy industry with over 170 countries forming their own renewable energy targets and 20% of the world’s electricity coming from renewable power sources. Here at Phillip Riley, we hope to make that into an even higher percentage through assisting our clients and candidates finding their perfect match with companies that want to reduce carbon emissions, as well as other initiatives like our Intern & Grad program, and scholarship program.

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Advantages of Working in the Renewable Energy Sector

Wind Farm Jobs

We Offer Assistance With Wind Farm Jobs

The renewable energy sector is technologically very fast-moving. New advances in better efficiency require ongoing education and skill updates by technicians and management. It is sometimes challenging to find the right personnel for a new construction venture or for qualified persons to remain in the loop with the various companies’ expansion plans. We assist both companies and individuals with the best placement in wind farm jobs. 

The Scoop on Offshore Wind Farms

An offshore wind farm offers the same benefits as a similar farm located on land. It produces clean, sustainable energy and does not emit carbon dioxide or require dangerous fuels. Yet, it is not without its unique challenges.

  • The wind conditions offshore are more consistent than on land, equating to more reliable and predictable energy production. The tides and the constant wave action present a problem, especially during severe storms. The salt air also dictates a regular maintenance schedule at a shorter interval than for land-based farms. Overall, however, the increased power generation greatly outweighs the unique challenges. 
  • The formation of micro-climates at the site of the wind farm is negligible. If the farm is located beyond the horizon to minimise its visual impact, then the effect on birds is also minimal. The pylons usually act as artificial reefs for fish.
  • It requires special skills and good management to run and maintain an offshore wind farm profitably. Acquiring such skilled technicians, engineers and managerial personnel for wind energy jobs is often a challenge for companies. We take the hassle out of finding the best middle and senior-level personnel in all the various fields. 

Our Service for Wind Farm Recruitment

We screen individuals who submit their details for inclusion on our database to provide companies with only the candidates that will add value to the business. Although we focus solely on the renewable energy sector, it does not mean that we find jobs only for engineers. The industry requires diverse skills but with knowledge of the unique requirements necessary for success.

  • We scrutinise every item on a submitted CV, and this practice enables us to verify the actual skills and accomplishments of the individual. We also assist with including relevant information for a specific sector in case the candidate did not realise its benefit to future employment. 
  • Complete background checks are an essential part of the recruitment process. Past behaviour is an excellent indicator of an individual’s attitude towards authority and responsibility. We only place upstanding workers with companies, as we know how a bad apple can damage productivity and a reputation. 
  • We also conduct behavioural interviews, as some jobs require special mental abilities from candidates that qualifications alone don’t reflect. This interview format is vital for offshore wind jobs where the working conditions add an extra strain on people’s psychological health. 

About Phillip Riley for Offshore Wind Recruitment

We are a recruitment firm focusing on the renewable energy sector in Australia and New Zealand. We build lasting relationships with both companies and candidates by following up on all placements that we have done. Our methods ensure that our services are in line with the expectations of candidates and the requirements of companies.

  • We handle the placement of both permanent employees and specialist contract staff. For the latter, we also offer contract and payroll services. This service alleviates the need for your HR and accounting departments to keep track of every short-term worker.
  • We advertise new job openings internally on our website, but we also offer packages for more broad advertising to require specialist skills not available through our database of candidates.
  • We work with candidates to successfully transition from the fossil energy sector to the renewable energy sector. There is some overlap of skills, but the big difference usually lies in the applicable laws that regulate the two industries.

Phillip Riley is a dedicated wind energy recruitment agency in Australia. We connect the best engineering and executive talent with top companies through the applications of modern digital technologies and data science tools. Companies know that our candidates can do the work and excel and support sustainable energy objectives for a cleaner future.

Contact us if you seek wind energy jobs in Australia or if your company needs qualified and proven employees. 

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