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New South Australia Battery to Help Cut Energy Costs

According to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), it will provide financial aid for the project and it will be the first grid-scale battery to be designed, established, and commercially operated in the country.
Josh Frydenberg, the Energy and Environment Minister, said that the $12 million in funding for the 30 megawatt/8 megawatt-hour battery will assist in delivering inexpensive and stable energy as Australia switches to a lower emissions future.
The new Energy Storage for Commercial Renewable Integration (ESCRI) project is estimated to begin operations by February next year.
Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council Executive, mentioned that the latest project supported by ARENA will help and benefit both the energy storage sector and the citizens who are struggling due to the rising energy costs.
He continued, “The new battery project will support the security and reliability of the energy system. Pioneering projects such as this will be able to unlock the full potential of homegrown renewable energy. The exciting thing is that this is just the beginning of a transformation in the way we produce, deliver, and think about energy in this country. The Clean Energy Council has produced a comprehensive policy paper with practical ways to unlock the potential of energy storage.”
The three main roles of the Yorke Peninsula battery will be to provide backup power in the nearby area, supply network frequency security services, and showcase its ability to produce and provide power on a national scale. It will be owned by ElectraNet, a transmission provider, and leased to a major energy retailer.
The battery will improve the reliability and stability of supply in the Dalrymple service area by acting as a microgrid with the nearby Wattle Point wind farm and local rooftop solar systems.
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