Remuneration Report

2021 Renewable Energy Remuneration Report

The 2021 Renewable Energy Remuneration Report  provides a comparison of salaries over the past year, an analysis of employees’ satisfaction in their roles, and a summary of the financial and non-financial benefits employees receive across the following Phillip Riley practices:

  • Development 
  • Finance
  • Legal 
  • Construction & Engineering 
  • Asset Management & Operations
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Corporate Support 
  • Executive
  • Contracting
  • New Zealand 

In 2020 we saw the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the political, geopolitical, environmental, and economic obstacles it brought to not only the Renewable Energy industry but the world. In 2021, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the resilience of our industry and its ability to continue to thrive despite these obstacles.

Although there are many wins (like talk of a Clean Energy Led Recovery) we know 2021 was still equally challenging to 2020. If you have been impacted by COVID-19, and feel that Phillip Riley can help, please contact [email protected] 

We hope you find this Remuneration Report useful and we welcome any queries or feedback on how we can make this report more useful in the future.

REM Report 2021

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