Tritium Drives EV Charger Production with New Manufacturing Facility in Brisbane

A report from the Renew Economy website states that the manufacturing capability of Tritium, which was founded by a group of University of Queensland students more than a decade ago, will increase due to the new facility.
Tritium CEO, David Finn, claimed that it is just the beginning of the electric vehicle industry. He figures the EV charging sector will amount to $100 billion and is set that his company gets its fair share. Tritium already has 20 to 25 percent of the 50kW public charging network in the United States and Europe. However, further addition in manufacturing will likely require facilities nearer to the target markets.
Finn told Renew Economy, “This facility is extremely important to us. It has allowed us to fine-tune our production process, and make sure we are hitting the quality we want. But within 5 years, this will small output in production capacity, and we will need to be closer to our core markets.”
On Wednesday, the Queensland government drafted its EV strategy titled “The Future is Electric: Queensland’s Electric Vehicle Strategy.” The local government is also installing an “electric superhighway,” has offered discounts on stamp duty and registration, and is considering to shift the government vehicles to electric vehicles and place charging stations at its establishments.
Also, the draft indicated that the fuel bill in Queensland was at $55.6 billion and supply was completely reliant on imported fuel. It further stated, “Queensland alone cannot reduce the global price of Evs, however, the state can, in collaboration with the Federal and other state governments, take actions that improve EV pricing in Australia.”
Electric Vehicle Council’s Behyad Jafari expressed that Australia is a slow starter with only 0.1 percent of new EV sales. “Today, Queensland has lit the way forward the nation.
The benefit of this leadership to Queensland businesses, households, and the environment will be significant in the years ahead. The benefits of electric vehicles are so clear that all that is needed is a little support from the government to dislodge the boulder from the top of the mountain.” Read the complete report here.

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