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CEFC, Macquarie to Offer Finance Discounts For Electric Vehicles and Energy Efficiency Upgrades

According to the CEFC website, the program provides a 0.7 percent discount on finance for e-vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and various energy efficiency and renewable energy equipment. Those who would choose to avail of any eligible lower emissions passenger vehicles can also be given a 0.5 percent finance discount.
Ian Learmonth, the CEFC CEO, said that the program with Macquarie Leasing was an essential extension of the organisation’s current initiatives to integrate clean energy solutions across the economy. “Through similar programs with other financiers, we have already helped businesses, consumers, and farmers invest in more than 2,0000 energy efficient, low emissions and renewable energy projects, valued at more than $250 million.”
Learmonth further added, “By making this discounted CEFC finance available through major financiers such as Macquarie Leasing, we are making it easier for Australians to prioritise clean energy options when they make major investment decisions. Clean energy technologies are developing quickly, and become more cost effective as they reach scale. By supporting the more widespread adoption of exciting clean energy solutions such as electric vehicles, we can accelerate the decarbonisation of our economy.”
The continuous rise of electric vehicles usage can post a notable improvement in reducing emissions. According to ClimateWorks, Australia can potentially lessen carbon emissions by approximately 9 million tonnes by 2030 by using electric vehicles and the present decarbonisation of the grid. The possible savings could reach up to 27 million tonnes by 2050.
The leasing program of Macquarie covers new energy efficient vehicles and equipment. It also offers to finance rooftop solar and battery storage. The discounted finance can also be beneficial to those who have plans of upgrading the energy efficiency of their establishments.
The Head of Macquarie Leasing, Jon Moodie, stated, “We are delighted to be working with the CEFC on this program and to be providing an extra level of support to individuals and businesses seeking to make their own contribution to reducing carbon emissions through their choice of vehicle and other equipment.”

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