Total Eren Obtains approval for the 200MW Kiamal Solar Farm in Victoria

Total Eren revealed it has obtained approval for a huge battery storage installation at its newly-announced 200MW solar project in north-west Victoria.
According to Michael Vawswer, Total Eren’s Head of Australian operation, the Mildura Council has given development approval for a 100MW/380MWh battery storage facility to be added to the Kiamal solar farm. The solar farm is to be developed near the town of Ouyen in Victoria.
He also stated that battery storage could be added later but it is still uncertain how much, if any, of the allowed capacity, would be deployed.
A report published on the website of RenewEconomy mentioned that Total Eren was founded by Paris Mouratoglou who also established EdF Energie Nouvelles. Total Eren is the fourth biggest oil and gas company in the world with €237 million investment. The company has an option to acquire a controlling stake for five years.
Vawser said, “They have big ambitions in the renewable energy space, very big ambitions and they want to expand ownership over time.”
He also highlighted that the company mostly focused on developing economies in Latin America, Africa, and Asia since it started in 2012, but is interested in Australia due to its solid legal regime and the abilities of the team created by Vawser.
“The economics of projects here are not as good as in emerging countries, but that is offset by the stability of this market, the rule of law, and investors are comfortable taking lower returns. Solar has been coming down in price for a very long time. We have built projects in Latin America and Africa and we bring to Australia our experience of cost improvements. We have efficiencies internally that we can bring – that is one of our competitive advantages,” Vawser continued.
The Kiamal Solar Farm is anticipated to start construction in the second quarter of 2018.
For the complete details on this project, read this.

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