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Tindo Solar to Benefit from Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant

Tindo Solar, a South Australia-based solar manufacturer, seems to be the first big winner from the newly-announced virtual power plant initiated by Tesla.
According to the Labor state government, half of the 250MW of rooftop solar intended to be installed under the scheme must be sourced from Australia. Because Tindo is the lone Australian-based solar module manufacturer as of the moment, it is the best option to bag half the mandate.
An article published on the RenewEconomy website reported that the Head of Tindo Solar, Glenn Morelli, said the decision could allow Tindo to double the output at its manufacturing plant located in Adelaide to cover its capacity of 60MW annually. The article also mentioned that Morelli has been guaranteed that the initial 25,000 installations would go to social housing and the next would centre in private low-income housing and private rental market.
Morelli further said, “We will be expanding. It is just a matter of employing and trading more operators and increasing our logistics. We will be going to close to full capacity. Yes, there is an election, but you have got to admire forward thinking of the government for taking on these sorts of projects and genuinely assist those battling with high electricity prices.”
“For our business, it gives us a great deal of confidence that we can produce more panels, and that we can make plans to move forward on a bigger scale. It will also give us more exposure to make South Australians aware that we do make world-class solar panels right in their backyard,” he added.
The CEO of Powershop, Ed McManus, said that the move will be a good thing because it could lead to more retail competition in the region. He explained, “One of the issues South Australia) has been its lack of capacity and the lack of generation that allows retailers to manage risk when prices get high. It is not a liquid market for capacity in South Australia at the moment, it is risky for independent retailers to go there.”
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