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Noosa Council to Install Solar Power Systems on Four Buildings

After an announcement made by the local council to install solar renewable systems on four of Noosa’s buildings, the beautiful resort town is expected to experience clean energy boost.
A report from the Energy Matters website stated that Noosa has plans to be carbon neutral by 2026. Noosa Council Mayor Tony Wellington revealed last year that the town is Queensland’s top town for solar installations. Mayor Wellington claimed that data from the Clean Energy Regulator projected 34 percent of properties in the region have solar panels.
The press release on MySunshineCoast website mentioned that Noosa Leisure Centre, Noosa Aquatic Centre, The J and the Noosaville depot will be equipped with new solar panel systems between January and April. The panels are expected to provide over 356,000 kWh of electricity every year, which could make the Council save up to $38,000 annually in electricity costs.
According to Mayor Wellington, “The solar power systems are also compatible with new battery technology. However, at this stage, almost all of the electricity that the panels generate will be consumed on site.”
“The action plan outlines a range of measures to reduce our carbon footprint including behavioural change initiatives, as well as process and technical changes. Installing the solar power systems is one of the pledges the Council made as a foundation member of the Cities Power Partnership,” he added.
He also mentioned that results are finally starting to materialise after the Council’s calculation of a baseline carbon footprint last year.
“We had to wait for the data from all of Council’s facilities and operations to be collated and analysed before we could begin introducing carbon reduction initiatives. But we are better off for having done that work as we now have an essential baseline to measure our progress. We can now head toward our 2026 zero-net-emissions goal knowing exactly what we are achieving in the way of reductions,” Wellington affirmed.
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