Tesla Battery Revenue Increases; Neoen Eyes More Battery Storage Investments

The Tesla big battery situated in South Australia has seen a significant rise in revenues and its owner, French company Neoen, is eyeing for more battery storage investments in Australia. The Hornsdale Power Reserve, which … Read more

Wind Farm Project in Tasmania Unveils First Completed Turbine

The first completed turbine of Goldwin Australia’s 144-megawatt Cattle Hill wind farm has been recently unveiled, posting a new milestone in the said project located in the Central Highlands in Tasmania. The first completed turbine … Read more

Renewables to Power NDIS Housing Project

A first-of-its-kind housing development project for people living with disabilities will install renewables such as solar and battery systems. As reported on the website of Renew Economy, Housing developer and installer Natural Solar is working … Read more

Wind Curtailment in SA Falls to One Percent – AEMO Report

Over the first quarter of 2019, wind curtailment in South Australia has noticeably fallen due to changes in the operating guidelines and increased availability of synchronous generation on the grid. In its newest Quarterly Energy … Read more

Federal Labor Commits Renewable Energy Jobs Funding and Support

Federal Labor has recently announced its commitment to push the creation of up to 70,000 renewable energy jobs by 2030 with the implementation of a $75 million Renewables Training Package. It is supported by the … Read more

Grid-scale Batteries Will Reshape Energy Markets – AGL

AGL has recently named grid-scale batteries as potential game-changers in the electricity markets of Australia as it prepares for a big shift in its own consumer base towards household batteries and electric vehicles, Renew Economy … Read more

AEMO to Include Rapid Transition to Renewables in its Next Integrated System Plan

As part of its next Integrated System Plan, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) will include modelling for a rapid transition to renewables, a faster exit from generating coal, and a zero-emissions grid. The said … Read more

Jobs in Renewable Energy Sector Sets Highest Record in Three Years

Australia employs an approximate of 14,820 full-time workers in the renewable energy sector from 2016-2017, displaying a 33 percent increase in the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employment from 2015-2016. This is also the highest figures recorded … Read more

UniSA Develops New Forecasting Technology for Renewables

A new short-term weather forecasting technology is being developed by Australian researchers in the hopes of accurately predicting output five minutes in advance. A report published on the Renew Economy website states that the project … Read more