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Renewables to Power NDIS Housing Project

A first-of-its-kind housing development project for people living with disabilities will install renewables such as solar and battery systems.

As reported on the website of Renew Economy, Housing developer and installer Natural Solar is working together with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to incorporate solar and battery systems into the housing arrangement particularly for qualified participants of the latter.

The article further mentioned that the project will see the development of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Salisbury, South Australia, spearhead the integration of solar and battery systems into the said project and with the goal of rolling out the systems in more locations.

The renewables are anticipated to aid in lessening the household costs for the owners and residents of the properties.

Chris Williams, the CEO of Natural Solar said, “Each home will be eligible for sonnenFlat, which will drastically cut the price of power for tenants. Currently, the national annual average cost of power is $2,000 each year. Under this new electricity plan, residents will no longer have to pay for power, and will only outlay a monthly flat administration fee of $40, saving residents up to $1,520 per year.”

To make sure that the systems will maintain a minimum of 20 percent charge in case of a blackout, the systems will come with an emergency management functionality. Through this, the residents could also manage their energy use in order to continuously use critical appliances.

South Australian Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher stated, “With the strong and rising household penetration of solar panels – and with the take up of batteries expected to increase as prices drop – it is clear that household solar systems have an increasing role in helping Australian households manage energy costs.”

“Australians with disabilities should have access to the same energy choices in their homes – and that is why I am pleased to see this example of a specialist disability accommodation development using the latest home solar technology. I have no doubt we will see more of this in the future,” he added.

The project will equip the homes with a 10kWh Sonnen Battery Eco together with a 5.2kW solar system.

To know more about this fresh news on renewables in Australia, please check out the link here.

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