Federal Labor Commits Renewable Energy Jobs Funding and Support

Federal Labor has recently announced its commitment to push the creation of up to 70,000 renewable energy jobs by 2030 with the implementation of a $75 million Renewables Training Package. It is supported by the establishment of major Renewable Energy Zones in Australia, which also includes Tasmania.

In an article on its website, Renew Economy reported that Bill Shorten stated that a Labor government would invest $45 million to fund 10,000 apprenticeships in renewable energy jobs and boost TAFE campuses as part of the party’s present commitment to 150,000 Apprentice Incentives.

Under the program, employers in the renewable energy sector would get access to approximately $8,000 to take on an apprentice. On the other hand, apprentices would get around $2,000 to help with the costs of their education.

He further added that the latest incentives would be available for apprentices who are working on renewable energy projects and clean energy businesses. This includes wind and solar, battery manufacture and installation, pumped hydro, and transmission.

An additional investment amounting to $30 million would also be invested by the party in order to improve TAFEs and train citizens for the 70,000 jobs that are ideally, would be generated by its renewable energy policies.

Shorten said that they want to prepare for the workforce of the future during a campaign stop in Braddon, north-west Tasmania — one of the three Australian Renewable Energy Zones that ALP has announced.

The other two identified renewable energy zones are in the north of Adelaide across the Spencer Gulf through Whyalla and in the south-west of Western Australia.

Shorten also mentioned that $20 million of the TAFE upgrade money would be allotted to ensure that the apprentices and TAFE students had the chance to train on industry standard equipment.

He added, “This will also support building, construction, and design students to integrate renewables into their studies and make sure TAFE is at the forefront of renewables innovation and education.”

“There will be thousands of opportunities for apprentices and TAFE students because of Labor’s investment in Solar Schools, Household Battery Program, doubling of the CEFC’s capital, and commitment to delivering 50 percent renewables by 2030,” he explained.

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