Shepparton Council Eyes Solar Farm Project As Potential Source of Income

According to the Greater Shepparton City Council, an area south of Mooroopna is a potential income source. If developed, the said site could possibly generate a minimum of 10 megawatts of power. It could boost local employment, however, the degree of being a possible job source is still unidentified.
A Greater Shepparton City Council spokesperson mentioned the tender will close soon. He said, “Once the tender closes, there is a process that can take a few weeks and it goes to council for endorsement.”
Referring to the potential facility, the council’s Sustainable Development Director Johann Rajaratnam stated, “An income stream, it definitely is.”
“(We) do not know what the numbers will be at this stage. I could not tell whether it is a lucrative one or a small one. That will be part of our evaluation process,” he added.
He further mentioned that each of the project’s probability of producing local jobs is also part of their criteria. Rajaratnam claimed the council has yet to determine certain targets related to solar generation. However, it is heavily interested in investing in solar, retails, or other investments.
He stated, “The market will ultimately make things feasible or unfeasible, but that is something for the market. Our job is to assist in removing red tape.”
The council is encouraging the public to continuously follow its website for more details and updates regarding the solar farm project in Mooroopna.
They are also hoping that the facility would somehow lessen doubt brought by additional energy costs, which amounts to millions for a number of businesses.
For a more comprehensive report, and to keep track of the latest updates on Shepparton’s solar farm project, visit their website.

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