Clean Energy Council Formally Introduces Women in Renewables Leaders' Pledge

According to the CEC Executive General Manager of Industry Development and Chair of the Women in Renewables initiative, Natalie Collard, numerous leaders in the renewable energy industry have shown their support for greater gender diversity in the business by signing the Leaders’ Pledge.
This initiative is seen as a good and remarkable change in the renewable energy management. Collard stated, “The Leaders’ Pledge is about walking that talk; taking individual responsibility to be a champion for positive change and inclusion.”
Collard also calls for “genuine champions of inclusivity at all levels” in order to advance the accomplishments of women in the said industry.
Kane Thornton, CEC Chief Executive, seconded the statements of Collard and said that various studies have proven that better diversity results to better decision-making and profitability for businesses.
Thornton further added, “More than 750 women are now in the Women in Renewables network after two years and 12 events, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.” He also stated that the launch of the Leaders’ Pledge is an essential approach to attaining greater gender diversity in the industry.
The Women in Renewables Leaders’ Pledge was officially announced at the NAB Gala Dinner during the Australian Clean Energy Summit in Sydney.
The initiative has already gained support from senior members of the energy industry. They have signed the pledge and left encouraging statements such as the following:
“Meeting Australia’s biggest challenges like energy will require creativity and collaboration from diverse teams. It is imperative that we take action to balance gender diversity and inclusion across the industry,” – Geoff Culbert, GE
“As a relatively young industry, we have a fantastic opportunity to actively pursue gender diversity as a key enabler of growth and innovation in the renewable energy sector,” – Rachel Watson, Pacific Hydro
Visit CEC’s website for more information.

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