Northern Territory to Switch to 50% Renewables by 2030

The Northern Territory government has given support to the 11 suggestions mentioned in the report which includes the use of reverse auctions to contract new large-scale renewables, and the gradual, long-term replacement of its gas power fleet with large-scale battery storage, RenewEconomy reports.
The government declared in a statement that it would give $750,000 to Power Water. The fund will be used to develop “a dynamic system model” that will guarantee that the rising levels of renewable energy can be incorporated into the grid in a more stable way.
According to Chief Minister Michael Gunner, the switch to renewables would put “downward pressure” on the cost of electricity generation. He stated, “All the advice we’ve got is that the cost of renewables is coming down so this provides a better way to provide reliable and affordable electricity for Territorians.”
The 86-page Roadmap to Renewables Report shows a slow route to switch the three grids of the Territory, which is presently powered by gas and diesel generation to an installed total of 450MW renewables.
The report also mentioned, “Many Territorians have already installed solar PV on the roofs of their homes and businesses to save on their electricity bills, reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”
Gunner also added, “The shift to renewable energy is inevitable, and the Northern Territory is uniquely placed to take advantage of this technological advance to deliver secure, reliable, and affordable power.”
“Our abundance of renewable resources and our existing gas power infrastructure puts us in the box seat. Increased investment in renewable energy creates jobs and delivering cheap and reliable energy for businesses and families is a boost for economic development and population growth.”
Read the full report here.

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