Australia Should Take More Action to Achieve Its Clean Energy Target

A report published on the website of RenewEconomy mentioned that one of the most substantial developments was the introduction of a “2018 Talanoa dialogue.” It is said to put pressure on large economies to further improve their climate commitments to guarantee that the targets of the climate deal are met.
The Head of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Programme, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, stated, “We have within our reach an unprecedented opportunity following the Paris Agreement – one that can and must change the future. The decisions we make today set the foundation for 2018 and beyond. Countries must increase their ambition to put us on a path to a 1.5°C future.”
He further added, “In order for governments to have confidence in strengthening their climate targets in 2020, they need to see that exceeding their current targets is urgent, achievable, and desirable.”
The Talanoa Dialogue is essential in this aspect because it will enable the participating countries to better comprehend that cities, businesses, and communities all over the globe are escalating their clean energy initiatives ahead of them. “They will understand that their national climate plans have been surpassed by the real economy and it is time to catch up,” Pulgar-Vidal said.
The General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation Sharan Burrow expressed, “Governments should not hide behind those who do not want to make progress. They put at risk the benefits of investments in jobs and economic growth and they put at risk the planet.”
Australia is predicted to be one of the countries to be under pressure following the release of a UNEP report which suggested that the country’s targets would not be met and it still supports the coal industry. Josh Frydenberg, Australia’s Energy Minister said that coal is still a vital part of the energy mix of the country.
For the full report, check out this website.

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