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DP Energy Announces Additional Large-Scale Expansion of its Energy Park in South Australia

DP Energy levels up its game following Sanjeev Gupta’s initial announcement of a 1-gigawatt project which will utilise solar, pumped hydro, and battery storage. The company had come to a deal with Downer Group and Vestas as contractors for the previously confirmed 375MW first stage of the project. The initial phase will include 225MW of wind and 150MW of solar near Port Augusta.
A report from the website of RenewEconomy mentioned that the projects will be included in a series of other projects at the top end of the Spencer Gulf, which includes the 220MW Bungala solar project, the 212 Lincoln Gap wind project, and the 150MW Aurora solar tower and storage project.
Already nearing 50 percent of its local generation, South Australia is expected to double the amount of renewables in the region with its numerous large-scale clean energy programs and initiatives.
However, the Irish company mentioned that the project has not reached financial close, but it reassures that it will push through especially with the appointment of Downer Group as one of its contractors.
DP Energy Catherine Way told RenewEconomy in an interview, “This project will happen. When the facility is fully complete the end result has the potential to be a game changer for energy production and provision in Australia.”
The company further stated, “The wind farm will be producing at maximum strength at the peak of local electricity demand. This will be further complemented by high levels of solar power generation. Matching supply with demand ensures maximum efficiency and reliability.”
“By combining the wind energy which ramps up during the day to the evening peak with solar energy which peaks in the middle of the day, the combined generation profile closely matches South Australia’s demand profile,” the company’s statement continues.
To read the full report and to know more about the other renewable projects of DP Energy, click here.

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