CellCube, Pangea Energy to Build Vanadium Battery Storage in SA

A battery storage system will soon be developed in South Australia following the signed agreement between vanadium battery producer CellCube and renewables company Pangea Energy recently.

The construction of the grid-scale battery is anticipated to start before the end of 2019 and expected to become fully operational in 2020.

Pangea Energy is part of a multinational renewable energy project developer on South East Asia called Sen Tek Energy Solutions. Together with CellCube, it signed the letter of intent last week.

The article on the website of Renew Economy described the project by saying, “Developed across 79ha in Port Augusta, the US$200 million project is the latest in a string of solar and wind farms proposed to be built in South Australia’s Mid North, in and around the former coal city of Port Augusta.”

The primary business of CellCube is to develop, manufacture, and market its vanadium redox flow technology energy storage systems. The company claims that its product can maintain 99 percent residual energy capacity after 11,000 cycles.

According to the CEO of CellCube, Stefan Schauss, the battery would provide various grid services including voltage compensation, reactive power, and frequency regulation services. It could also offer renewable baseload to the Australian market together with the future 50MW solar project that is planned to be installed on the same site.

Schauss added that the project is a good example of how renewable energy and vanadium redox-flow battery could provide renewable baseload energy.

He further stated, “Our new high performing CellCube is three times more efficient than any power-2-X or hydrogen technology which will not be available at this scale in the next three years.”

“CellCube also offers a lifetime support of 25 years with no degradation or augmentation like needed for lithium. This is real true value for money,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Leo Chiang Lin, the CEO at Pangea mentioned that CellCube was a perfect partner for the solar farm and battery storage project in Port Augusta.

He said, “Choosing vanadium and working with CellCube as a market leader in the vanadium-related storage industry is a perfect match for our project.”

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