Brisbane Airport Invests in Massive Renewable Energy Solar PV Project

The said project is allegedly a 6 megawatts system which is consist of 22,000 panels and will be installed in six sites at Brisbane Airport (BNE). The panels will be covering an area of 36,000 meters squared or more than double the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).
A report published on the website of Brisbane Airport Australia stated that the Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal will support 1.98 megawatts with 7,133 panels extending more than 11,675 square metres, which will make it the biggest single rooftop solar panel installation at an airport in Australia and also the largest commercial rooftop solar system in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, over 200 kilometres of cabling will be utilised for the installation.
The BAC General Manager Assets, Krishan Tangri said that one of the most expensive expenses in the airport is electricity, especially when there are many large establishments that require cooling, lighting, heating round the clock.
Tangri stated, “We ae acutely aware of the increasing energy needs of running a major airport and since 2012 we’ve had an extensive energy reduction program in place resulting in the completion of 40 projects which collectively save more than 8 GWh per year.”
“Once fully operational, the new system will account for 18 percent of BAC’s direct electricity consumption, further complementing the savings we are making through air conditioning control optimisation, lighting control upgrades and LED technology within BAC buildings, carparks, and street lighting,” he added.
An Australian commercial solar company that specialises in serving Australian businesses with solar energy solutions, Epho, partnered with Shakra Energy’s Managing Director Sam Khalil. Khalil will oversee the effective and efficient development of the project.
Epho Managing Director Oliver Hartley stated, “To win this project, Epho had to demonstrate superiority in project management, stakeholder management, engineering, operations, and work health and safety. The introduction of such a significant solar system is a prime example of how BAC is adopting world-leading technologies in harmony with its sustainability focus.”
Full report here.

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