Queensland solar battery grants — government adds another 1,000 battery packages

The Queensland solar battery grants and loans scheme has been so successful that the state government is expanding it.
The scheme, introduced in November, comprises offers of interest-free loans of up to $10,000 and grants of $3,000 to purchase solar batteries or solar-battery systems. The offer applies to 1,500 applicants, including households and small businesses.
However, the demand for batteries is so enthusiastic that only a few hundred packages remain. And at the current rate, the government expects these will go by mid-December.
As a result, the government is making an additional 1,000 packages available.
Natural Resources and Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham also said Queenslanders missing out could be placed on a waiting list, in case existing applicants change their mind.

Solar battery grants popularity shows Queensland interest in solar

Queensland’s sunny climate is proving to be ideal for solar power. The state gets some of the highest numbers of sunny days in the country.
Solar installations are growing in number in the state. According to a recent Climate Council report, Queensland has the highest proportion of households with a solar installation in Australia. Approximately one in three Queensland households now have rooftop solar panels installed.
The state also tops the country for the number of renewable energy projects under construction.

Solar batteries make solar more efficient

The rush to take advantage of the solar battery grants offer also reflects Queenslanders’ interest in storing power to save money.
With a storage system in place, such as a Tesla Powerwall or an Enphase battery, solar households can store unused solar power for later use.
In unused, solar power generated doing the day – when you are at work for example – simply vanishes. With a battery, instead of losing power generated in sunny periods, you could instead save it. Then you draw on it when required, such as in the evenings or overcast days.
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