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Poll Results Reveal Most Australians Not in Favour of Keeping Liddell Coal-Fired Power Station Open

As the Climate Council reported on its website, the majority of the people (77 percent) thought that public money should not be used to keep the said power station open after its initial planned closure in 2022. Fifty-nine percent of the poll respondents selected the option of introducing a Clean Energy Target policy as a solution to promote and back new renewable energy to replace the power station.
The Chief Executive of the Climate Council, Amanda McKenzie stated, “Australians are practical people, and given the choice of putting a billion dollar band-aid on old lady Liddell, or rolling out a new lower cost, clean technologies – it is a no-brainer.”
New coal-fired power stations are twice as expensive as wind and solar, resulting to two-thirds or almost 66 percent of those who participated in the poll prefer coal-fired power stations to be replaced with renewables. The poll also revealed that the preference to have the station shut down after its supposed closure cuts across political party orientation and age. Almost half of Liberal voters (47 percent) and the majority of Labour voters (82 percent) agree that the oldest working power station in Australia must be substituted with renewable energy.
“The public has made its mind up on Liddell – and more broadly on the future energy direction of the country. Now it is up to our elected leaders to listen and act,” McKenzie added.
Fifty-one percent of the respondents said that keeping the old power station would only make their energy bills more expensive. Residents living in New South Wales were the most concerned, with approximately 55 percent anticipating that energy costs will continue to rise if the station remains open.
McKenzie further commented, “Most of the public is now fully aware of the negative impact of ageing and new fossil fuel energy production on their hip pocket.”
ReachTel conducted the survey with 2,176 respondents across Australia on 20th September.
View the full report here.

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