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Phillip Riley Takes the Lead in Powering Queensland’s Energy Transition

Phillip Riley Takes the Lead in Powering Queensland’s Energy Transition

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – Phillip Riley has been selected as the preferred international acquisition partner for the groundbreaking Queensland Energy Jobs Plan (QEJP). This partnership distinctly reflects our unwavering dedication to accelerating the energy transition and driving Queensland forward on its remarkable path to achieve 70% renewable energy by 2032.


About The Queensland Energy & Jobs Plan

The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, unveiled on September 28, 2022, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at transforming the energy landscape in Queensland, Australia. At its core, the plan sets an ambitious target of achieving 70% renewable energy by 2032, with further plans to reach 80% by 2035. This bold commitment to renewable energy is part of a broader strategy to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy to the people of Queensland.

Key components of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan include:

Renewable Energy Targets:

The plan establishes clear targets for renewable energy adoption, emphasising the transition to cleaner energy sources to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Pumped Hydro Projects:

The plan outlines a commitment to advancing two new pumped hydro projects, Borumba and Pioneer-Burdekin, by 2035. These projects will contribute to energy storage and grid stability.

Queensland SuperGrid:

The plan introduces the concept of the Queensland SuperGrid, a robust and interconnected energy infrastructure that will link solar, wind, battery, and hydrogen projects across the state. This grid aims to enhance capacity and storage capabilities, ensuring a reliable energy supply.

Coal-Fired Power Station Conversion:

The plan includes a commitment to converting all publicly-owned coal-fired power stations in Queensland into clean energy hubs by 2035. To safeguard jobs in the energy sector, a Job Security Guarantee is provided for workers during this transition.

Regional Investment:

The plan emphasises substantial investment in clean energy infrastructure, with a focus on regional Queensland. This investment is expected to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and benefit local communities.

Overall, the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan not only envisions a significant shift towards renewable energy but also recognises the importance of sustainable economic development and job creation. By outlining these targets and actions, the plan aims to secure a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future for Queenslanders while fostering growth in the renewable energy sector and regional communities.

Townsville Regional Queensland

Empowering Queensland’s Renewable Future

The Queensland Energy Jobs Plan stands as a visionary endeavour initiated by the Queensland Government and Government Owned Corporations (GOCs), and we are honoured to hold a central position within it. Our goal is to find outstanding global talent that supports the ambitious goals of the QEJP and acts as a bridge to a future of development and growth.

Guiding Professionals, Enriching Lives

At Phillip Riley, we’re more than just recruiters—we help people access opportunities that can change their lives. Beyond simply matching professionals with jobs, our role in this partnership is to ensure a smooth transition for these exceptional individuals and their families. We are dedicated to providing thorough visa assistance to make the transition to Queensland as smooth as possible.

Uniting Global Expertise with Local Vision

The QEJP is all about fostering local industry growth and providing Australians with meaningful careers. To help meet our energy transition goals, we need to help grow the industry with in-demand skills by looking globally. Our unique strength lies in our ability to tap into international talent pools, injecting fresh ideas and diverse perspectives into Queensland’s energy transformation journey. This collaboration isn’t about replacing local knowledge; it’s about enhancing it with a global touch.

Championing Sustainable Change

Phillip Riley’s partnership with the QEJP is more than a business move – it’s a statement of our shared values. Together, we’re not just working towards a greener energy landscape; we’re forging a path towards a sustainable future that benefits generations to come. By blending international expertise with local dedication, we’re building an energy ecosystem that stands as a testament to innovation and progress.

Phillip Riley’s role as the preferred international acquisition partner for the Queensland Energy Jobs Plan is a significant stride towards reshaping Queensland’s energy landscape. We’re inviting you to be a part of this transformative journey. Get involved today by visiting our UK to QLD Energy page to discover events, available positions, and register your interest.

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