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Queensland’s Push to Lead the Charge in Flow Battery Technology and Renewable Energy

Queensland’s visionary $571 million plan to establish itself as the battery capital of Australia marks a pivotal moment in the state’s commitment to renewable energy. Spearheaded by Premier Steven Miles, this groundbreaking initiative is poised to revolutionise the energy landscape, positioning Queensland at the forefront of innovation in flow battery technology.

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Flow battery technology, touted as an alternative to traditional lithium-ion batteries, offers longer-duration energy storage capabilities vital for supporting the transition to renewables. Queensland, already home to Redflow, a local zinc-bromide flow battery manufacturer based in Brisbane, aims to capitalise on this technology’s potential. With a focus on creating investment certainty, Premier Miles emphasised Queensland’s commitment to building a robust battery industry capable of supplying not only Australia but the world.

The strategy holds promise for job creation and economic growth across the state. Minister for State Development, Grace Grace, highlighted the potential for over 9,100 jobs and a contribution of up to $1.3 billion to Queensland’s economy by 2030. Recognising the diverse roles different regions of Queensland play, the government aims to ensure that communities across the state directly benefit from the opportunities presented by the burgeoning battery industry.

Minister for Energy Mick de Brenni emphasised the importance of diversifying battery technologies to enhance safety and maximise the state’s rich mineral reserves. By investing in local battery manufacturing, Queensland aims to empower households and businesses to harness its abundant solar and wind resources, thereby reducing energy costs and bolstering energy independence.

The partnership between government, industry, and academia is crucial to the success of Queensland’s battery industry strategy. Associate Professor Josh Watts of the Queensland University of Technology highlighted the importance of supporting local businesses to scale up and meet growing demand. Queensland’s strong battery industry cluster, encompassing various energy storage technologies, is well-positioned to drive the state’s transition to a renewable energy superpower.

The release of this battery-focused policy strategy aligns with Queensland’s broader vision of transitioning from a legacy coal and gas petrostate to a renewable energy leader. The state’s commitment to clean energy policies and substantial investments in transmission infrastructure and large-scale renewables has attracted public and private capital, establishing Queensland as a zero-emissions energy powerhouse.

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