NSW Government Okays 100MW Solar and Battery Station in Riverina Region

The New South Wales government has already approved the plans of building a 100-megawatt solar and battery power station near West Wyalong in the Riverina region, Renew Economy reported.

The project, which costs a total of $130 million and is being developed by ESCO Pacific, is scheduled to commence construction by the end of 2019 or in the early months of 2020. Reportedly, it will also have approval for a 25MWh of battery storage, together with the 100MW of PV.

Renew Economy further reported that the solar farm is a valuable addition to the remarkable pipeline of renewable energy projects at different phases of development in New South Wales. Rob Stokes, the NSW Planning Minister also mentioned that the project marks the 26th solar farm to have been authorized by the state since 2017.

According to Stokes, the 100MW project would provide up to 150 jobs during its construction and generate adequate renewable energy to supply power to approximately 37,500 homes.

Stokes added, “The Wyalong Solar Farm will add to the growing hub of solar energy projects in the Riverina, bringing a fresh boost to the economy and diversifying industry for the region.”

“These solar projects have already contributed to communities throughout the Riverina and are also supporting the creation of a thriving renewable energy industry in New South Wales,” he stated.

Matt Kean, the newly-appointed Energy Minister of New South Wales stated that Wyalong Solar Farm also supports the NSW Coalition to achieve its goal of net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

He said, “We are committed to delivering affordable and reliable energy for the people of NSW, while also reducing emissions and acting on climate change.”

The approval of the Wyalong Solar Farm is a strong addition to ESCO Pacific’s already noticeable presence and achievement in the country, developing various large PV projects in Australia. This includes the 148MW Ross River Solar Farm in Queensland. The company was also the first developer of the Finley Solar Farm in the west of Albury before the project was sold to John Laing.

Read more about the latest development on the solar and battery power station here.

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