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CEC Calls for Bipartisan Support for a Renewable Energy Target

As Energy Matters reports, the renewable energy organisation launched an email campaign showing its support for a Clean Energy Target (CET). It stated that the government is “ignoring” the Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel’s warning regarding the future risks in Australia’s power supply. The CEC also fears that Australians could be left in the dark if there will be no firm renewable energy policy beyond 2020.
The CEC also urged the public to email their MP and let a local member know that they support a Clean Energy Target and they are ready to protect the country’s energy future.
The online statement published on the CEC’s website reads, “Most of Australia’s power comes from coal-fired power plants, more than half of which have passed their planned operating life. That means that your power prices will continue to rise, thanks to a lack of investment in new forms of clean power generation to replace these old plants.”
“The issue is made worse because the federal government has not locked in a long-term energy policy that also delivers carbon abatement beyond 2020. If the government cannot deliver a long-term national policy, the market will remain too volatile and risky for private investors to lay down the billions of dollars needed for new generation to ensure energy security for the coming decades,” the statement continues.
In his review, Dr. Finkel suggested 50 approaches to ensure and improve Australia’s power supply in the future. Out of the 50, 49 recommendations have already been endorsed by the Australian federal government. But the organisation still claims the government is ignoring the suggestion of Dr. Finkel to adopt a CET.

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