SA in the Forefront for Renewable Energy in Australia

SA is leading the charge in shifting to renewable energy in Australia, much faster than any other place in the country.
According to the Climate Council, although the state has to face some political challenges and lack of government support, it continues to work towards its clean energy goals.
According to a report on the New Daily website, the Climate Council ranks territories and states that are shifting away from fossil-fuel sources such as coal to renewable energy annually. The progress is based on how much electricity is from renewable energy. It is also based on the proportion of households with rooftop solar, large-scale wind and solar capacity per capita, and policies to support the transition.

Other States Follow Suit

Following South Australia in the rank is the Australian Capital Territory. It is on track for 100 percent renewable energy from 2020. The ACT has also made public its impressive plans of achieving net-zero emissions by the year 2045. Cutting emissions from transport and cities are the main strategies to attain its goal of renewable energy in Australia.
In third place is Tasmania, acknowledged for researching three pumped hydro sites that could provide energy to Victoria for the next 10 to 15years. The state is also working towards achieving its net zero emissions by 2045 goal by reducing emissions from transport and cities.
Victoria is in fourth place for planning Australia’s large-scale wind and solar projects. It also won points for legislating a renewable energy target of 50 percent by 2030.
Following Victoria is Queensland where almost half of the country’s large-scale clean energy projects were installed in 2018.
New South Wales and Western Australia, states without renewable energy targets, are in sixth and seventh places, respectively. The Northern Territory is in the last place.

Lack of Government Support and Leadership

The Climate Council has also called out the federal government for not supporting their transition to renewables.
Climate Councillor Greg Bourne stated, “Th lack of effective national energy policy has undermined investor confidence in renewable energy.”
“New renewable supply is the best way to get down electricity prices and emissions. But without a consistent and stable policy environment, the federal government is undermining the future pipeline of Australian projects.”

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