Recruitment for Energy Jobs

Finding the right candidate for a job can be a long and arduous process, particularly when needing to find somebody with all of the right qualifications, experience and the right attitude to fit into the place that is hiring. These attributes are especially important when searching for energy jobs in engineering, solar, wind and hydro energy roles. For those looking to recruit or looking for energy jobs, Phillip Riley offers a range of permanent recruitment services to take out the guess work and cut the time spent on recruiting the right person for the right job. Using a variety of methods to kickstart the recruitment process, our company has a reputation for having expert skills in identifying talent. By using a combination of internal and external databases and having a strict criteria for candidates to meet, as well as acting as ambassador for your brand to get the right people applying for the energy jobs that your company can offer, the process enables the position to be filled by the most suitable candidate. Working on behalf of companies and jobseekers alike, our recruiting and staffing form is all about using the most innovative and effective methods to bring both sides together. Depending on the nature of the jobs and what is beneficial for your company, we can provide you with the right methods to have the most successful recruitment process possible.
Interview Tips
Going into a job interview is quite often a stressful process, even if you have had quite a few before. While most interviews follow a similar format, there is always that fear of not answering a question right or being thrown something that you do not quite understand. You may not be able to prepare all the right answers to all the right questions but if you are going through the process of interviewing for energy jobs, there are some ways that can get you the best prepared. If a company offers you an interview, then it is extremely important to not just research the industry you will be working in but also the company that you are being interviewed at. Being able to have even a little bit of knowledge about the company will give you an indication of the culture and what the company is looking for. Anticipate the questions and practice the answers as well. Having a defence ready in case you do not quite fit all the criteria and remember, by practicing your answers, they will flow out easier. Interviewing is often about selling yourself, letting the company know why you are the best person for the job so clarify your selling points. Know what you do well and how it can benefit the position and really express them. In an interview, it is also important to come across assertive but not combative. Speak up for yourself and show them your confidence but at the same time aim to create a relationship with them rather than being there to defend yourself against their questions. Not only will this show you are a responsible worker and a team player but if they like you, you will stand out more when it comes to shortlisting or filling the role. Energy jobs can be quite competitive so every little thing helps.
Why Choose to Work in the Energy Sector?
If you have found yourself qualified for numerous energy jobs or have been taking an interest in working in the energy sector, then there are plenty of reasons to take the plunge. As energy is something that will always be needed, even if the type energy may change over the years so it is a lucrative industry to be involved in. Since it is an industry that is constantly innovating, especially with the move towards more sustainable sources, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and expand your knowledge so you will not get bored or stagnant in any position or area. It is not just an industry for engineers or technicians either, with the energy sector constantly having a spotlight shone on it for various reasons, there are numerous different roles that involve administration, communications and other types of jobs. With a shift coming through with the way the world consumes energy, there has never been a more exciting time to go for those energy jobs.

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