Phillip Riley Research Series: South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales

Through early investment in renewable energy, South Australia has positioned itself as a leader within the renewable energy field. The state distinguishes itself from others as although there are significant reserves of fossil fuels present, their energy mix is not dependent on coal. South Australia’s energy generation is lead by natural gas, which is closely followed by wind power. The current renewable energy target in South Australia aims to increase the state’s renewable energy production to 50% by 2025 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The state has also committed to an investment target of $10 billion in low carbon generation by 20251. This transition to clean energy has already begun to take place with the closure of a number coal-fired power plants in Port Augusta. As mentioned in the previous report, state wide blackouts have occurred in South Australia resulting from too many intermittent systems coupled with a severe storm and subsequently, a heatwave. This has resulted in some scepticism towards other states in Australia transitioning toward renewable energy. Despite this scepticism, the South Australian Government has implemented a number of programs and plans to promote investment in the renewable energy sector. Although recently South Australia has received criticism, hopefully with the continued development and research into renewable energy, the state is able to overcome these problems and achieve their long-term targets.

South Australia’s current energy mix consists of a large proportion of renewable energy, especially when compared to other Australian states. The recent decline in the generation of fossil fuels has positioned South Australia as the renewable energy
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