NSW Leads Australia’s Clean Energy Development, Okays 4 New Solar Projects

According to a report from Energy Matters, the Department of Planning and Environment has authorized the clean energy projects this week. Anthony Roberts, the Minister for Planning and Housing, also said that the clean energy projects at Walgett, Gilgandra, Nevertire, and Metz would help in generating local jobs with an estimated 645 construction jobs.
He stated, “New South Wales’ four new solar farms will have the capacity to supply 275 megawatts of energy to the grid for New South Wales communities, businesses, and services.”
Roberts mentioned New South Wales is still leading Australia in terms of large-scale solar. He further announced the plans for the region related to renewable energy. “We are committed to our country’s Renewable Energy Target and the State’s Renewable Energy Action Plan, and we are well on the way toward the 20 percent target for renewable energy by 2020,” he added.
One of the key priorities of NSW is to guarantee energy availability and security for all businesses, citizens, and services. The plan also focuses on boosting energy from renewable sources at affordable costs with maximum advantages to the community.
NSW plans to work together with communities and key players in the renewable energy sector to drive energy generation.
Stringent rules and conditions are employed in order to manage the effect of the four projects and to provide assurance that there would be no detrimental impacts on nearby areas.
Roberts further stated, “Northwest NSW is fast becoming one of the solar power generation hubs of the state, and our solar investment is making a huge contribution to our clean, renewable energy targets.”
“When the four new farms begin operation, NSW’s 16 large-scale solar farms will generate sustainable power for 423,000 households, with a combined capacity of 1,131 megawatts of renewable energy,” he concluded.
The full report from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment can be read here.

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