Melbourne to Host 2017 Power Grid Resilience Summit

According to its website, the 2017 Power Grid Resilience Summit will concentrate on assuring energy security by advancing energy mix, reviewing future load balancing and cutting-edge energy storage. The summit will be attended by stakeholders from the government, policy makers, retail and large-scale energy users, and other professionals in the renewable energy sector.
There will also be two pre-conference workshops on August 21 and they will discuss targets such as using on-grid storage to improve integrate renewables and discovering solar PVs as alternative renewables source. The latter will cover topics such as cost effectiveness of solar PV, future potential of solar PVs, battery storage and back-up, and challenges of the changing weather.
Chief Economist of Energy Markets and CSIRO speaker Paul Graham will talk about the most effective balance of renewable and non-renewable energy on August 22, while South Australia Department of Environment’s Caroline Croser-Barlow will discuss the connection of power, gas, and renewables.
On the last day of the summit, August 23, Windlab Ltd’s Roger Price will deliberate enhancing the renewable mix of Queensland by integrating solar and wind. The session will also dig into WindLab’s project in Queensland, which brings in wind to the demand on solar projects.
Queensland University of Technology’s Professor Gerard Ledwich will be the final speaker of the summit. Professor Ledwich will elaborate on users’ rising demand to deploy renewables off the grid.
The summit will be a great avenue to build the attendee’s professional network through interactive sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, gain a comprehensive perspective with insights from experts, know more about building grid resilience, and learn more from different speakers who are experts in the industry.
The summit will be held from August 22-23 at Royce Hotel, Melbourne.

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