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Hydrostor Presents Hydrostor Terra Technology in Australia

As Reneweconomy reports, the Canadian company asserts that its compressed air technology can store energy for half the cost of grid-scale batteries. It also claims that it can supply backup network capacity comparable to a new natural gas plant. Hydrostor affirms that its technology, which utilises extra electricity to compress air and store in a uniquely made tank underground, can provide the cheapest installed cost per kWh required for most energy storage.
Curtis VanWalleghem, Hydrostor’s CEO, stated, “Hydrostor’s entry into the Australian market changes the conversation on cost effective, emission-free alternatives to fossil-fuel generation and limited storage technologies.” He further explained how Hydrostor Terra, a long-duration bulk energy storage system can play a big role in achieving lower electricity costs. “Hydrostor Terra beats natural gas to deliver essential services and dispatchable capacity, while offering longer duration and longer life storage of 30+ years versus batteries, at half the cost. Terra’s sizing and siting flexibility also offer significant advantages over pumped hydro.”
Hydrostor Terra utilises the heat produced by the compressors instead of natural gas. The system returns the compressed air, heating the surfacing air stream then moves a turbo-expander connected to a generator, which produces electricity.
The firm considers itself fit for the Australian market because it can provide major stabilising services which can add flexibility through fast ramp rates and long duration dispatchable capacity.
A statement released by the company said, “At half the cost of competing battery technologies, it is uniquely positioned to support several of the key outcomes outlined in Dr. Alan Finkel’s report on the future security of the NEM.”
“Terra enables the transition away from fossil-fuel generation by delivering the same essential security services and dispatchable capacity, without the trade-off of increased emissions.”
Visit this page for more information on Hydrostor and AECOM’s project in Australia.

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