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Coca-Cola quenches thirst for power with 10,000 commercial solar panels

The 3.5 MW solar power system is being rolled out over three sites in three different states. It should also reduce the company’s annual energy bills by up to $1.3 million.
The ambitious solar program will cover the ground of 42 average suburban blocks. It is therefore one of the largest commercial rooftop solar systems in Australia. Energy services company Verdia will manage the roll out across NSW, Queensland and Western Australia.

Commercial solar panels save money and planet

According to the company’s Managing Director for Australian Beverages Peter West, the solar installation makes sound business and environmental sense.
Because the drinks giant will draw around 14 per cent less energy from the grid, the installation should pay for itself within seven years. This means an extra $14 million benefit over the life of the plant.
It will also prevent an estimated 4,163 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. .
Coca-Cola Amatil aims to source at least 60 per cent of its energy needs from renewable and low-carbon sources by 2020.

Australian business moving towards renewables

A Climate Council report in May this year showed that power bills for small business rose 90 per cent over the previous decade.
As a result business installations of solar power soared by 60 per cent between 2016 and 2017. More than 40,000 commercial solar power systems are now installed in Australia.
Nearly half of all major Australian companies are actively seeking to install renewable energy the report concludes. That’s 46 per cent of major business players nationwide.
Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is buying power from a Victorian solar farm in a bid to become energy self-sufficient.
Australia’s largest brewery is subsequently aiming for 100 per cent renewable energy. Individual CUB breweries will also be installing their own rooftop solar panels.
See full report here.

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