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AEMC Report Cites Better Grid Integration as Solution for Unexpected Level of Renewables in Australia

A new technology is required in order to support electricity grid integration as an unexpected level of renewables is flooding into Australia’s power network.
According to a report published on the website of the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), the country’s energy sector is greener and cleaner but it is under increasing pressure on power system security and reliability.
Based on the combined findings of the AEMC’s investigation into intervention mechanisms and system strength and the results of the recently released Annual Market Performance Review (AMPR) from AEMC’s expert Reliability Panel, problems experienced by South Australia may also start to emerge in other parts of the country.
One of the key findings of the report states that the transformation of the power system continues to accelerate. This is mainly because of the steady growth of rooftop PV, the entry of intermittent large-scale wind and solar generation, and the impending exit of old coal generators.
Anne Pearson, the Chief Executive of AEMC, stated that the report specified all the security implications in relation to the accelerated change in the power system’s generation mix. She also pointed out that the findings are essential to address the changes and learn more opportunities in the renewable revolution without compromising the costs for the consumers.
”AEMO and transmission companies are finding it harder to manage the system in the face of fast-moving renewables penetration as consumers adopt rooftop solar in greater numbers and state, territory, and federal governments all pursue their separate environmental policies, ” she said.
She also expressed positive remarks pertaining to the opportunities in the renewable revolution and affirmed that effectively managing distributed energy resources could address possible stability problems.
”It is important to fully understand the implications of this change so precise solutions can be targeted to problems; and so the new rules requiring network businesses to add security to the grid when AEMO calls system shortfall are complied with, ” Pearson added.
Solar rooftop PV’s high fates of growth is included in the challenges that are being considered in the renewable revolution but the AEMC is optimistic that the network can adjust to the fast transition pace.

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