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Two More Large-Scale Solar Farms Join Grid

Two additional large-scale solar farms switched on in New South Wales in the last few weeks and there are still many solar farms anticipated to connect in NSW and Queensland in the coming months.
The 55 megawatts Parkes solar farm and the 30 megawatts Griffith solar farm began production at full capacity in the past couple of weeks. The 25 megawatts Dubbo solar farm is also connected and is expected to start generation soon.
An article published on the website of RenewEconomy stated that all three projects are owned by Neoen, a French enewable energy developer. The company also owns the Hornsdale Power Reserve and the Bulgana renewables hub which commenced construction in Victoria.
The report also mentioned that the Bloomberg New Energy Finance figures that Australia will have approximately 4 gigawatts of large-scale solar capacity by 2020, but it anticipates the country will “add little more under current and proposed policy settings and emissions reduction targets.”
The report further stated, “However, if a reduction target of 45 percent was set by 2030 – as recommended by the Climate Change Authority, and the bare minimum targeted by Labor – then large-scale solar could top 11 gigawatts by 2030, adding to the 19 gigawatts of rooftop solar expected by then.”
The Head Analyst of BNEF in Australia, Kobad Bhavnagri, said, “The continued influx of rooftop PV and the addition of gigawatts of large-scale PV from the RET is going to put substantial downward pressure on midday wholesale electricity prices.”
“In the next decade, the solar noon will become the cheapest part of the price curve,” Bhavnagri added.
BNEF anticipates that by 2040, the combination of large-scale and rooftop solar will record over half of the country’s installed capacity with a policy environment that matches the Paris climate agreement.
Queensland houses some of the biggest solar farms in Australia such as the 50 megawatts Kidston solar farm, the 20 megawatts Barcaldine solar farm, the 15 megawatts Valdora solar farm, the 11 megawatts Dunblane solar farm, and the 10 megawatts Lakeland solar and storage facility.
To view the full report, visit this link.

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