Australia Leads Global Renewable Energy Revolution

Australia is installing renewable energy facilities at a faster rate than any other country. Australia is enjoying a green energy revolution. It is installing renewable energy facilities faster than anywhere else, and research shows Australia … Read more

Australia is Creating Renewable Energy Faster Than Other Countries

On top of that, the government recently announced they are taking even more steps to reduce their national carbon footprint by planting one billion trees by 2050. The research, which was conducted by The Australian National … Read more

Gelion launches zinc bromine gel battery to take on lithium mainstays

The company unveiled the first commercial application of its Gelion Endure battery storage platform – a battery-integrated portable, automated solar light tower – at the home of its conception, the University of Sydney, at a … Read more

Solar demographics: Low-to-mid income households choose solar to beat rising power prices

This is according to solar demographics data just released. New research commissioned by Solar Citizens shows rooftop solar panels are proportionally more common on the homes of low-to-middle income Australians. In fact, the lowest socio-economic … Read more

Small-scale rooftop solar installs reach record 159MW in January

The boom is small-scale rooftop solar installations has continued into 2019, with total installs for the first month of the year reaching 159.4MW – a record for the month that is typically affected by the … Read more

Business doubles down on clean energy in 2018

New figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance show that businesses doubled down on renewables in 2018, buying more than twice as much compared to the year before. Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) jumped from the 6.1 GW … Read more

Immediate phase out of fossil fuels could keep warming below 1.5°C

Despite some positive climate action, new fossil fuel infrastructure is still being built and deployed. Dozens of new coal power plants are currently planned or under construction, for instance, while petrol car sales will nearly … Read more

Here’s how a 100% renewable energy future can create jobs and even save the gas industry

The world can limit global warming to 1.5℃ and move to 100% renewable energy while still preserving a role for the gas industry, and without relying on technological fixes such as carbon capture and storage, … Read more

Melbourne: First Australian capital city powered by 100 per cent renewables

The City of Melbourne has become the first Australian capital to use 100 per cent renewables to power its streets and businesses. As a result, ‘Melbourne renewable energy capital’ is a title the city can … Read more

Hot tips to cool your home this summer – and avoid ‘bill shock’

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