Edify Energy, BlackRock Finalise Large-Scale Solar Financing in Northern Queensland

Northern Queensland will be home to two more key solar projects as the development of the 200-megawatts (AC) large-scale solar generator near Collinsville have been finalized.

Hydrostor Presents Hydrostor Terra Technology in Australia

Hydrostor, a Toronto-based company, has collaborated with engineering firm AECOM to present new technology alternatives enhancing Australia’s National Electricity Market.

ARENA Funds New Power-to-Gas Electrolyser to Decarbonise Australia’s Gas Supply

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced a test for a new type of electrolyser, which could see excess renewable energy stored in the gas grid and used to decarbonise Australia’s gas supply.

Equis Energy to Build 1,000MW Solar Farm in Queensland

Equis Energy, a renewable energy developer based in Singapore, has declared its plans to establish a 1,000-megawatt solar farm in Surat Basin, Queensland. This would be Australia’s largest solar farm once completed.

GE, Engie to Set Up Wind Farm in South Australia

GE and Engie, two of the largest companies in the world, have revealed their plans of establishing an 119-megawatt wind farm in South Australia, Reneweconomy reported.

South Australian Government’s Building Upgrade Finance Takes Effect

There is a new method for landlords in South Australia for managing clean energy updates in the commercial buildings they own.

AFR to Hold First National Energy Summit in October

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has announced its first National Energy Summit which was created to dig into the country’s full potential for solar power, wind, and other renewables.

Climate Council Launches Cities Power Partnership Program; Releases New Report on Drivers of Renewables

The Cities Power Partnership program, which focuses on the initiative of communities and councils to shift to renewable energy and developing more environment-friendly and smart communities, was recently established and launched by the Climate Council.

Sunshine Coast Council Becomes First Local Government to Offset 100% Renewable Energy

The Sunshine Coast Council is now officially the first local government in Australia to set off 100 percent of its electricity usage with energy from renewable sources.