SA in the Forefront for Renewable Energy in Australia

SA is leading the charge in shifting to renewable energy in Australia, much faster than any other place in the country. According to the Climate Council, although the state has to face some political challenges … Read more

Australia Likely to Reach 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2030

Australia is showing the potential of reaching 50 percent renewable energy target by 2030, even without amendment to federal policy and amidst the Coalition government scare campaign. This is possible due to the rising uptake … Read more

Australia Sees Record Levels of Investment for Renewables

According to the Clean Energy Council, another round of large-scale renewable energy projects is leading to record levels of investment in the clean energy industry in Australia.

NSW Leads Australia's Clean Energy Development, Okays 4 New Solar Projects

Western New South Wales will have four new solar projects that would supply power to over 100,000 homes in the region.