Solar Panels: How do they work?

Fifty years ago, solar panels were so expensive that they were used mainly for powering billion-dollar space probes, and that’s about it. But as the panels became cheaper — and as environmental worries about coal … Read more

Talga Reveals Breakthrough in Producing Concrete that Conducts Electricity for EVs

Talga Resources has announced a breakthrough in its work to produce concrete that conducts electricity. According to the company, such achievement could even play a role in wireless, on-road charging of electric vehicles in the … Read more

Small-Scale Solar Systems Surpass 3 Million Installations in Australia

Based on the latest data released by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), rooftop solar and solar hot water installs in Australia have passed the three million-mark as companies and households continue to take the power … Read more

Genex Gets $516M NAIF Loan to Advance Solar and Pumped Hydro Storage Project in QLD

Genex Power has obtained $516 million in concessional finance from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) for its state-of-the-art solar and pumped hydro storage project in north Queensland. The project will be the first of … Read more

Tasmania Might Need 4 More Interconnectors in its Bid to Become Battery of the Nation

A report has revealed that Tasmania could require as many as four new interconnectors to be installed between the island state and mainland Australia in order to become the battery of the nation, which provides … Read more

Clarke Creek Wind Farm Receives Development Approval; May Add Solar and Battery Storage

The number of huge wind and solar projects in the development pipeline continues to rapidly expand, a proof to the claim that the federal renewable energy target by 2020 is as good as met because … Read more

Wind and Solar Help Corporations Save Up To 40% in Energy Costs

The continuing decrease in the cost of new wind and solar farms, plus the growth of new firming contract products, are making large corporations and industrial users cut their energy costs by approximately 40 percent. … Read more

European Countries Build More Wind & Solar Without Depending on Subsidies

Engie, a French utility company, recently revealed that it is going to install 300 megawatts of wind energy across nine wind farms in Spain, with support from a $350 million investment. An article posted on … Read more

CWP, Partners Group Work Together for 1,300MW of Renewables Projects

CWP Renewables, an Australian renewable energy developer, collaborates with Partners Group, a global private markets investment manager, to establish a total of 1,300MW of wind, solar, and battery projects, which, according to them, will beat … Read more

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