Victorian Government Supports New-Build Homes with Built-in Rooftop Solar & Storage Systems

The Victorian government backs the push to make all new-build homes in Australia energy self-sufficient with built-in rooftop solar and storage. The Labor Andrews government announced its plans to work together with land developers and … Read more

Neoen Begins Work on Bulgana Green Power Hub in Victoria

Neoen, the owner and operator of the Tesla big battery in South Australia, has started working on the Bulgana green power hub in Victoria. It is another combination of a major wind farm with battery … Read more

AusNet Successfully Takes Suburban Street Off-Grid for 21 Hours

Victorian network operator AusNet Services’ ground-breaking mini-grid trial has taken part of a Melbourne street completely off-grid for the third time, lasting for nearly 22 hours. According to AusNet, the mini-grid, which is comprised of … Read more

Redback to Provide New Jobs in Queensland

Redback Technologies, an energy technology startup with headquarters in Brisbane, has plans of doubling its present workforce in the coming months.

CEFC Assists Thinxtra Boost its Network for the IoT

On Thursday, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is pledging a maximum of $10 million to assist driving a new Internet of Things (IoT) network which centers on cutting energy use.