AGL Energy Secures Off-Take Deal for Australian Wind

AGL Energy assured an off-take price of below $60 per megawatt-hour via the sale of its 453 megawatts Coopers Gap Wind Farm located between Kingaroy and Dalby in south-east Queensland.

CEFC Assists Thinxtra Boost its Network for the IoT

On Thursday, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is pledging a maximum of $10 million to assist driving a new Internet of Things (IoT) network which centers on cutting energy use.

CEFC Invests $2M in Wattwatchers’ Award-Winning Measurement Device

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) announced on Tuesday that it is investing $2 million in Wattwatchers to support the production of its notable measurement device that aids customers in managing their energy use and costs.

SEA Electric to Boost Electric Vehicle Production with CEFC Funding

Clean energy funding from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) will enable the conversion of commercial trucks and vans to electric vehicles in Australia, Energy Matters reports.

Edify Energy, BlackRock Finalise Large-Scale Solar Financing in Northern Queensland

Northern Queensland will be home to two more key solar projects as the development of the 200-megawatts (AC) large-scale solar generator near Collinsville have been finalized.

GE, Engie to Set Up Wind Farm in South Australia

GE and Engie, two of the largest companies in the world, have revealed their plans of establishing an 119-megawatt wind farm in South Australia, Reneweconomy reported.

Climate Council Launches Cities Power Partnership Program; Releases New Report on Drivers of Renewables

The Cities Power Partnership program, which focuses on the initiative of communities and councils to shift to renewable energy and developing more environment-friendly and smart communities, was recently established and launched by the Climate Council.

Screen-printed Batteries Set to Strengthen Renewables Industry

The screen-printed batteries project of The University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales may pave the way for more advanced technologies for renewable energy storage.

Shepparton Council Eyes Solar Farm Project As Potential Source of Income

A report from Energy Matters stated that some local councilors believe a potential solar farm project near Shepparton, Victoria could be an added source of income.

12th COAG Energy Council Meeting Discusses Competent Measures for Reliable and Secure Electricity

The 12th Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council meeting was held last Friday, July 14, in Brisbane. The main focus of the meeting is to provide Australians with definite, dependable, and inexpensive electricity while lessening emissions.