More Queenslanders Consider Smart Energy by Installing Battery Storage

A recent survey finds that almost a third of Queensland households are likely to have a home battery storage system installed over the next decade. The results of the annual Queensland Household Energy Survey shows … Read more

Gekko Systems' Biodigester Converts Cow Poo Into Energy and Fertilisers

A mining company in western Victoria is turning poo into gold by transforming the waste into smell-free fertilisers and energy. Gekko Systems, which has designed and established a biodigester on a dairy farm at Bungaree, … Read more

Zen Energy Obtains Retail Licence to Offer Baseload Renewable Energy

Zen Energy has recently received its electricity retailer licence, which will allow the company to offer a “baseload renewable energy” product to massive energy users and continue the monumental 1GW solar and storage facility at … Read more

Australia Should Take More Action to Achieve Its Clean Energy Target

During the Bonn climate talks held last weekend, progress was made in creating the rules that will support the Paris climate deal when it finally comes into effect starting in 2020.

Flinders Island to Complete Switch to Renewables Before 2017 Ends

Flinders Island will end the present year with an almost renewable energy powered grid as it is set to complete the switch from a diesel fuelled power systems to a much cheaper and cleaner integration of wind, solar, and energy storage.

DP Energy Announces Additional Large-Scale Expansion of its Energy Park in South Australia

DP Energy has revealed a large-scale expansion of its Port Augusta hybrid renewable energy park located in South Australia with another 300 megawatts of solar and 400 megawatts of battery storage to its project, which is already considered as the largest hybrid plant in the country.

Queensland Still Leads in Small-Scale Solar Installations in Australia

According to the latest report from the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), Queensland is still the leader in small-scale solar installations in Australia.

Stockland Solar Projects Back Queensland's Clean Energy Initiatives

Cairns will be home to the first retail solar project delivered in Australia’s biggest ever retail property solar program.

Australians Favor Demand Response Schemes Than New Power Stations – Survey

A new poll conducted by the Australia Institute’s Climate & Energy Program showed that most of the 1,421 survey respondents would prefer seeing governments boost energy conservation to establishing new coal power stations.

Salary Packages in Solar Industry on the Rise – Survey

A new research shows that salaries in the solar industry are increasing following several years of stagnation.

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