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Acciona Tests Organic Solar PV on Wind Turbines

Acciona, a Spanish renewable energy and infrastructure company, has started testing flexible organic solar PV modules on a wind turbine to generate energy for the turbine’s internal electricity consumption. In a report on Renew Economy’s website, the company is depicting the move as “a pioneering solution at the global level in the field of hybridization …

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87MW Beryl Solar Farm Commences Production in NSW

The 87-megawatts Beryl Solar Farm situated in North of Mudgee in New South Wales becomes the newest addition to the growing large-scale renewable energy projects that join the grid after supplying its first power into the network. New Energy Solar owns the solar farm. It presently holds a 15-year contract to provide electricity to the …

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Water Companies in Victoria Signed Major Deal with Kiamal Solar Farm

Thirteen water utilities in Victoria have decided to band together to acquire a major renewable energy deal that will provide 20 to 50 percent of each company’s overall electricity demands and lower the costs of the consumers’ water bills. One Step Off the Grid reported that the formed umbrella organisation called Zero Emissions Water (ZEW) …

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Westpac Becomes 4th Australian Company to Switch to 100% Renewables

Westpac has become the newest Australian company and the third major bank to switch to using 100 percent renewables. It also becomes the latest addition to the global RE100 movement and committed to source its global electricity consumption through renewable sources by 2025. A news article on the One Step Off the Grid website stated …

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AEMO to Include Rapid Transition to Renewables in its Next Integrated System Plan

As part of its next Integrated System Plan, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) will include modelling for a rapid transition to renewables, a faster exit from generating coal, and a zero-emissions grid. The said changes, referred to as a ”step change” scenario, has been decided by AEMO through various workshops and consultations with the …

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Talga Reveals Breakthrough in Producing Concrete that Conducts Electricity for EVs

Electricity for EVs

Talga Resources has announced a breakthrough in its work to produce concrete that conducts electricity. According to the company, such achievement could even play a role in wireless, on-road charging of electric vehicles in the future. Talga also announced it has achieved high levels of electrical conductivity in concrete by using an additive created in …

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Small-Scale Solar Systems Surpass 3 Million Installations in Australia

Solar systems

Based on the latest data released by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), rooftop solar and solar hot water installs in Australia have passed the three million-mark as companies and households continue to take the power back against increasing energy costs. The CER previously announced that the new small-scale solar milestone had been driven by a …

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Genex Gets $516M NAIF Loan to Advance Solar and Pumped Hydro Storage Project in QLD

Hydro Power Station

Genex Power has obtained $516 million in concessional finance from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) for its state-of-the-art solar and pumped hydro storage project in north Queensland. The project will be the first of its scale to combine solar and pumped hydro and will be installed in the former Kidston gold mine. Water will …

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