September Shows New Record for Renewables as Coal Plunges

The figures generated in September have shown a remarkable change for the National Electricity Market of Australia. The market has witnessed a new record for renewables as major construction increases and converts into additional generation. … Read more

Westpac Becomes 4th Australian Company to Switch to 100% Renewables

Westpac has become the newest Australian company and the third major bank to switch to using 100 percent renewables. It also becomes the latest addition to the global RE100 movement and committed to source its … Read more

Work Begins on UQ-owned Solar Farm in Warwick

A 64 MW solar farm in Warwick is now being developed, which, once finished, would help the University of Queensland become the first major university to offset 100 percent of its electricity requirements by using … Read more

CEFC Confirms Investment in Oakey Solar Farm in Queensland

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) invests in the 80MW (AC) Oakey Solar Farm located in southeast Queensland. The project is expected to provide forecasting technology to improve grid stability and energy reliability. Based on … Read more

Renewables May Play a Big Role in Driving Australia's Exports

A $20 million funding has been formally announced by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) in order to drive early stage research and development into hydrogen and the export of renewable energy such as “solar … Read more

New Energy Solar to Make Its first Investment in Australia as Interest in Renewables Grows

New Energy Solar is considering the growing interest of the Australian corporate sector to make its first investment in the country.

DP Energy Announces Additional Large-Scale Expansion of its Energy Park in South Australia

DP Energy has revealed a large-scale expansion of its Port Augusta hybrid renewable energy park located in South Australia with another 300 megawatts of solar and 400 megawatts of battery storage to its project, which is already considered as the largest hybrid plant in the country.

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