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South Australia to Build First Green Hydrogen Power Plant in the Country

A 15MW facility is going to be built near the end of the grid at Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula after getting a go for a funding from the South Australian government. This will be the country’s first renewable-hydrogen electrolyser plant. According to a report published on the RenewEconomy website, the “green hydrogen plant” will include a 10MW hydrogen-fired gas turbine, fuelled by local wind and solar power and a 5MW hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen Utility (H2U) will build the plant.
The report also mentioned that both will provide power to the grid, will support two new solar farms and a local micro-grid. It will also include “distributed ammonia” that can be used as an industrial fertiliser for aquaculture operators and farmers. The project, which will get $4.7 million grant and a $7.5 million loan from the Renewable Technology Fund of South Australia, is considered as a “globally-significant demonstrator project” for the rising hydrogen energy sector. It is the second-largest facility of its type and will be the largest supplier of “green ammonia” worldwide.
In a statement, Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said, “More renewable energy means cheaper power and the ability to store renewables means the benefits of that cheap power can be experienced around the clock. Hydrogen also offers an opportunity to create a new industry in South Australia where we can export our sun and wind resources to the world.”
“South Australia is at the global forefront of a broad range of storage technology, from big batteries to virtual power plants to pumped hydro – now we will also be home to one of the largest hydrogen production facilities in the world as well,” he added.
The project will be approximately 10 times bigger than an electrolyser planned by the ACT government as part of its goal of sourcing 100 percent of its electricity needs through renewable energy. Dr. Attilio Pigneri, H2U Chief Executive, mentioned in a statement, “The project will provide the perfect training ground for a new wave of green hydrogen professionals. We are very lucky to be able to work with local academic institutions such as the University of Adelaide, and the local energy market regulator towards the establishment of training programs for certified operators, technicians, and professionals that can support the growth of the industry.”
For the complete report, visit this website.

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