Renewable Energy Jobs Boom in Geelong

With new wind turbines components being installed at the former venue of Ford Motors, renewable energy is creating new renewable energy jobs, specifically in manufacturing, in Geelong.

VREH Opening

The Vestas Renewable Energy Hub (VREH) has officially opened last week. Premier Daniel Andrews and Lily D’Ambrosio, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, was present at the opening of the energy hub. It is the first time that wind turbines have been installed in the country for over 10 years.
There are more than 20 workers on the site who assemble the 100 turbine hubs and 50 drive trains intended for the 180-megawatt Berrybank Wind Farm and the 336-megawatt Dundonnell Wind Farm.
According to a report from Mirage News, the Andrews Labor Government’s Victorian Renewable Energy Target Reverse Auction supports the construction of the two new wind farm developments.
The VREH is reportedly investing $3.5 million on various initiatives to shape the wind industry’s future. The investment includes a 700 square-metre Service, Logistics, and Training Centre in Grovedale. It will service the booming turbine fleet across Western Victoria and accommodate major wind turbine components.

Renewable Energy Projects Partnerships

Through a partnership with Federation University, hundreds of local staff will undergo training in wind turbine maintenance. Additionally, a research partnership with Deakin University will be a venue in looking for further development of carbon fibre. The research will explore how to make wind turbines more productive, longer, and stronger.
Vestas, a global leader in manufacturing wind turbines, has built a partnership with Marand Precision Engineering to install the VREH and create jobs for the locals. The development of the energy hub will also support Dundonnell Wind Farm and Berrybank Wind Farm to provide their local content commitments via the Victorian Industry Participation Policy.

Achieving the RET and Creating Local Jobs

Premier Daniel Andrews stated in the opening of the hub, “The production line at the old Ford factory is humming again, creating local jobs and building our energy future.”
He added, “It is the first-time wind turbines have been assembled in Australia in more than a decade and they are being built right here in Geelong – supporting local workers, businesses, and the community.”
On the other hand, Minister D’Ambrosio said, “Our Renewable Energy Target has given solar and wind companies all around the world the confidence to invest in our state – generating not just energy, but more jobs and economic opportunities for local and communities.”

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