Referral Policy

A specialist recruitment business such as Phillip Riley is only as good as the people in it’s network, and their networks, therefore we highly value it when someone within feels confident to refer their friend, colleague or peer to us to have a discussion about potential opportunities in the industry. Hence, we have a Referral Policy to show our appreciation for such referrals.

We recognise that people are motivated to extend their networks for different reasons (eg to help their friends, to help us, to help the industry grow etc) and some are interested in receiving a reward for that introduction, and some aren’t.

Referrals are welcomed either directly via email, or by following the referral links on our job listings. If the referred candidate is successful in placement, following a six-month probationary period, the referrer has the option of either of the following referral fees:

$500 in the form of cash or a prepaid voucher, or

$500 donation to Phillip Riley’s Renewable Energy Scholarship Fund, which will provide funds to underrepresented university students studying a renewable energy degree.

Phillip Riley partners with a service provider (Refari) who enables and enhances the recruitment referral experience for those who submit a candidate for Phillip Riley’s consideration. Refari ensures that the candidate referrer is automatically informed and kept updated via automatic email technology.

For further information, please contact us at [email protected]
or on 03 9192 9920.