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Phillip Riley Celebrates International Women’s Day: Empowering Diversity in Our Workplace

In the spirit of celebrating International Women’s Day, we’re reminded of the profound importance of recognising and cherishing the diverse talents, stories, and perspectives of women from all walks of life. From the rich and diverse experiences of women from multicultural backgrounds to the resolute voices of LGBTQ+ individuals, from the quiet strength of women with disabilities to the indomitable spirit of those from marginalised communities—each woman carries within her a unique narrative and a precious contribution to our world.

As we immerse ourselves in the essence of this celebration, let me introduce you to some of the remarkable women who are lighting up our lives this International Women’s Day under the theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’. These women, whose journeys intertwine with ours in various ways, embody the essence of diversity, empowerment, and resilience that defines our collective pursuit of equality.

Empowering Diversity: Women Shaping Inclusion at Phillip Riley

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Born in France with Moroccan roots, my journey in Australia has been a beautiful blend of cultures and perspectives over the past five years. Embracing diversity has enriched my life, teaching me the value of tolerance and compassion. Australia has become a harmonious fusion of cultures, where I've found a home filled with celebration and acceptance. This International Women's Day, I'm grateful for the richness that diversity brings and the connections it fosters. Let's continue to celebrate inclusion and embrace the beauty of our differences.
Four years ago, I chose to move to Australia, a place far from my original home. This decision was a big change in my life. I took this journey by myself, leaving behind everything I was used to - my family, friends, and the feeling of home that I had for the first 22 years of my life in Sweden. Settling into a new country, especially one as big and diverse as Australia, without my family's immediate support was tough. I miss home, the moments like birthdays and holidays, and the small things that make up family life. But surprisingly, I now feel more at home here.Every day, I'm excited about making connections that go beyond countries and bridging my past with my present. Going through this journey taught me to be strong, embrace change, and find power in being open. I've learned that home is not just a place; it's a feeling of belonging that you can create anywhere, with connections that reach across oceans.I'm sharing my story to inspire others on a similar journey. Whether you're facing the challenges of moving to a new country, dealing with the sadness of being away from loved ones, or trying to understand a different culture, remember that your experiences, strength, and openness are your assets. I will be forever grateful for my amazing friends and family that have introduced me to new cultures, experiences and life lessons.
Christine Li, International Womens Day
I draw inspiration from the belief that my actions today can genuinely make an impact on shaping a brighter tomorrow.Navigating the corporate world as a woman has often been hailed as a complex challenge. Thankfully, I feel I live in a day and age where there have been remarkable female trailblazers who have shattered glass ceilings + paved the way for future generations of women to carry on their legacy and continue defying expectations from stereotypes.Brené Brown once said,“Only when diverse perspectives are included, respected, and valued can we start to get a full picture of the world: who we serve, what they need, and how to successfully meet people where they are.”I consider one interpretation of this is to view diversity in gender as not a limitation, but a source of strength. Inclusion of mixed perspectives leads to better discussions, wiser choices and ultimately better outcomes.In my current role, I am very grateful to feel treated with equal opportunities and have my opinions are heard - with no handicaps simply due to my gender.Knowing that my efforts can contribute a stake in decision making is extremely fulfilling to me.

These women, and countless others like them, embody the spirit of International Women’s Day—a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and inclusivity. As we honour their achievements and celebrate their journeys, let us also recommit ourselves to the ongoing work of fostering an environment where every woman feels seen, heard, and valued.

So, as we embark on this journey of celebration and reflection, I invite you to join us in honouring the women who inspire inclusion and empower change. Share your own stories, celebrate the remarkable women in your life, and take part in the conversation by using the #InspireInclusion hashtag.

Together, let’s create a world where every woman’s voice is heard, every story is celebrated, and every dream is within reach. Happy International Women’s Day! Remember, at Phillip Riley, we’re committed to diversity and equality. Let’s continue advancing the energy transition while empowering women in leadership. Your support in embracing diversity is key as we make progress together.

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