Mentor Program

  • “The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people.” John C. Maxwell
  • “Every student deserves to be treated as a potential genius.” Anton Ehrenzweig

The Renewable Energy industry is full of passionate people, determined to make a difference in the world and to each other’s life. Phillip Riley has created a Mentoring Program that now allows people within the sector, or interested in being involved in the sector, to connect and discuss what it takes to break into or sustain a career in this growing industry.

The Mentor Program consists of:

  • Registration and Matching of a Mentor and Mentee in a chosen discipline, and/or location
  • A commitment to perform a 1 x 1 Hour Phone/Skype Conversation per month, AND a 1 hour (or longer) face to face appointment per quarter

For Mentors & Mentees, we will provide (to be released soon)

  • Access to a library of resources to assist in the formalities of being a Mentor/Mentee, running a mentoring session and measuring the effectiveness of those sessions.

To participate in this FREE Program, all that we ask is that you COMMIT to the Program out of courtesy to the people dedicating their time to the Program.

Instructions on how to sign up for the Mentor Program:

Simply select the appropriate button and be directed to our registration page. Fill in all the appropriate fields and click submit. You will then be notified by one of our personnel, once a match has occurred.

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