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Want to work with an engineering team to establish requirements and regulations for the energy industry? Are you interested in the advancements of electrical vehicles (EV)? Do gird connections fascinate you? Developing capacity around the energy industry is becoming increasingly more skilled, and sourcing qualified talent can be challenging.  

Discover the rapidly progressing infrastructure around the industries shaping the energy sector. At Phillip Riley, our professional recruiters are highly trained to match qualified applicants to jobs that relate to the development of energy. From power systems recruitment to electric vehicle jobs, Philip Riley has opportunities fit for all types of candidates.

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Power systems recruitment and jobs in Australia

Phillip Riley can help find roles that work with your career ambitions. Whether you are interested in -power systems or electrical jobs focusing more on the microgrids or virtual power plants, we can help match you to your ideal role with a reputable employer. If you wish to pursue higher level roles, we can help secure a managerial or supervisor role for you. 

Beyond power systems engineering, for those instead looking to play an integral part in the development and maintaining of assets in energy, a different track may be more appropriate. Phillip Riley has a history of helping applicants find asset management roles, particularly within the energy sector.

Recruiting for a future in the development of the energy sector

The future of energy comes down to the implementation of best practise techniques that fit in line with the green industry. For applicants, Phillip Riley can offer a range of job opportunities in renewable energy production. Working within hydro and wind energy, we can help set you up for a fulfilling role working on ways renewable energy can be used to power the world. 

Recruit industry-leading talent with Phillip Riley 

Phillip Riley can help your company source leading candidates that will do more than fill a vacancy in your company. We pair working professionals with leading energy companies through a careful recruiting process that ensures a perfect fit.      

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