Asset Management Roles in Energy

Asset management roles require a high-level understanding of the overall sector. Once a power generation asset is commissioned (i.e. live and working) the energy needs to move along transmission lines. In order to get this energy to a customer, someone needs to monitor how much power is being generated.

Asset managers make sure the asset is performing effectively and optimised while at the same time regulating the power company is meeting all requirements, and selling their power to someone that they have agreed a commercial contract with.

Asset Management in Financial and Technical Roles

There are two sides of the spectrum for those interested in pursuing a career in asset management: Technical and Financial.

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For those with a background in engineering – particularly in renewable energy, a role in asset management on the technical side of things is a perfect fit. Technical roles typically fall under the following categories: 

  • Operations control centre operators/supervisors
  • Asset engineers
  • SCADA engineers
  • PPA jobs
  • Production engineers
  • Operations and maintenance supervisors
  • Wind turbine/service technicians
  • Blade technicians 

If technology is your strength and you have interest in pursuing data and machine learning roles, check out our listings for smart technology jobs. For those with a more financial oriented background, asset management is still a possibility, but instead on the financial side of management. These roles may include:

  • Asset Managers/Directors
  • Investment/Portfolio Analyst/Manager
  • Energy Markets Analyst/Manager
  • Traders

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